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Dr. Mendonsa is a media featured psychologist and nationally recognized mental health and forensic psychology expert.

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Forensic Psychologist Dr. Mendonsa provides custom forensic services including mandated evaluations, professional license denial or adverse action evaluations, standards of care deviation opinions, risk assessments, psychological and criminal profiling, high profile expert/rebuttal witness services, media interviews and much more. Please visit the 'Services Offered' page to learn about how Dr. Mendonsa can meet your professional needs. 

Dr. Mendonsa has strong partnerships with lawyers, senior-level business executives, other psychologists, social workers, therapists, chiropractors, polygraph examiners, prescribing physicians/mid-levels and retired local, state and federal law enforcement officials. These partnerships allow for richer and more collaborative outcomes.

Why Dr. Mendonsa?

Nationally Recognized Expert Psychologist and IME Andrew Mendonsa

As a recognized national expert, Dr. Mendonsa understands various state regulations and laws related to forensic and clinical services. He has been featured over 150 times on local and national media for his expert content. He has served as an expert witness on a variety of cases and proceedings around the nation. 

Dr. Mendonsa is a 2016 '40 Under 40' Recipient, has received a Best of Sacramento Award, and has been bestowed a Congressional Medal Award for his community service. 

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