Forensic Psychologist and IME Evaluations Throughout the United States

Forensic Psychologist and IME Evaluations Throughout the United States

Forensic Psychologist and IME Evaluations Throughout the United StatesForensic Psychologist and IME Evaluations Throughout the United States

Services Offered - expert witness, evaluation, Consultation

Expert & Rebuttal Witness

Expert and Rebuttal Psychologist, IME, QME, Forensic Psychologist, Suicide Expert

Dr. Mendonsa is well vetted and has testified in a variety of state and federal cases including criminal, civil and administrative proceedings. Dr. Mendonsa has provided expert witness services to all parties in legal matters.

 He has served as an expert witness for mental health, substance abuse and various types of civil and criminal cases around the nation. 

Court Mandated Evaluations

Therapist, psychologist

Well versed in dozens of forensic assessment measures, Dr. Mendonsa provides comprehensive court mandated forensic evaluations. He has provided evaluations as a first, second, rebuttal and final opinion. 

Dr. Mendonsa provides AB1810 and Prop 57 evaluations regarding sentencing and treatment diversion in California.

Regulatory Prep, State Agency Licensing, Root-Cause and Compliance Analysis


Dr. Mendonsa has represented small and large organizations undergoing regulatory reviews and surveys. He has a significant history preparing state licensing applications for CA Department of Heath Care Services (DHCS) licenses and certifications.  He is proficient in Joint Commission Accreditation procedures and developing complete Policies and Procedures to meet regulatory and licensing requirements. He has authored dozens of root-cause analysis addressing sentinel and efficiency topics. Dr. Mendonsa is well connected within regulatory and licensing circles.  

QME / AME / IME Services Clinical & Forensic Evaluations

Expert witness and forensic reports

Dr. Menodnsa is a California certified Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME). He has conduced dozens of panel evaluations and has a special skill in determining causation and future treatment needs. Dr. Mendonsa also provides Independent (IME) and Agreed Upon (AME) Evaluations. He prides himself on strongly written neutral reports that withstand cross-examination. 

Violent & Highly Specialized

Criminal profiling, risk assessment, community probation and parole release and supervision assessment

Dr. Mendonsa has a significant specialty in treating and evaluating mandated populations such as sex offenders and sexually violent predators (SVP), highly violent criminals and providing psychological autopsies and expert witness testimony in order to assist in determining if a death was a possible suicide versus other cause.  His forensic evaluations are often used in highly contested and high profile legal cases. 

Media Friendly Interviews

Media Interview, media expert psychologist, nationally recognized expert interview

Dr. Mendonsa has been featured on local and national media over 150 times speaking on a variety of forensic and clinical topics including serial killers, mass shootings, children's mental health, substance abuse and dozens of others topics. He's often available on-demand for in-studio or in-office and also offers Skype interviews.

Disability & Claims Appeals

Business growth and scaling

Dr. Mendonsa is commonly retained to provide psychological evaluation for clients and organizations challenging a disability ruling including Veteran Affairs (VA) disability ratings, Social Security Disability and Personal Injury. Dr. Mendonsa proudly serves both plaintiff and defense clients. He has also provided expert opinions regarding insurance claim denials and clinical/medical necessity regarding mental health insurance claims.

Speaking & Keynotes

Media interviews, conference presentations, keynote address

One of the most rewarding accomplishments of Dr. Mendonsa's career is his impressive record of presenting at local, state, national and international conferences. He has been around the world! His forensic and clinical topics have included juvenile offending, self-care, forensic assessment, forensic report writing, risk management and practice development and staff retention. Dr. Mendonsa has also guest lectured in various university courses.

Consultation & Supervision

Consultation and clinical supervision

Have a complex need? Not sure where to go next? Need to get licensing hours and need supervision? Need an evaluation for a licensing board appeal? These are just a few examples of services Dr. Mendonsa provides that does not quite fit into the other categories. Please call and explore if what you need might be accomplished with Dr. Mendonsa.